Things That Are Not What They Used To Be

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This is a page to record things that used be called one thing, and are now called another.


What was Compass is now Canada Now. (Compass is now called Compass again!

What was The Towers Mall is now the Charlottetown Mall.

What was The Queen Street Meat Market is still The Queen Street Meat Market, although it is no longer on Queen Street.

What was Elm Avenue is now University Avenue.

There is no longer a Ken at Ken's Corner.

The Ellis Brothers' Mall contains no trace evidence of the Ellis Brothers.

The DIP is now...not sure what...but long gone. Sigh.

Schurman's isn't owned by the Schurmans any longer.

The Richmond Centre is no longer on Richmond Street.

West Kent School is no longer on Kent Street.


The Hangman is gone from it's toolshed at Peter Robinson College and was resurrected at Artspace in 1998.

Trent Radio was 96.3, and is now 92.7