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I am Peter Rukavina, and this is my Rukapedia.

If the Wikipedia is about everything, and my blog is my daily update, then the Rukapedia is a modest reference about the small bits of everything that I cross paths with: people, places, projects, travels, good iced tea.

I started the Rukapedia because I needed way of putting things I write about on my weblog in context: so when I write "Catherine said something funny this morning" I can simply link to Catherine and curious readers can find out who she is and where she fits into my life. Think of this as my weblog's footnotes.

This Rukapedia has been running since 2005, and the information herein may or may not be current.

If you want to keep up to date on what's happening here, and you've got an RSS reader, watch the the Atom feed for the Rukapedia.