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I first heard of Rob when, as a "consultant from away," he spoke to a group of Prince Edward Island deputy ministers and managers and said good things about the Government of PEI website, a project I worked on for eight years.

Later -- and the exact details are lost to history -- Rob and I ended up working on several projects together mostly involving agriculture and technology. We've become good friends (although we had a temporary public falling out and rapprochement, which only made us better friends, I think).(Definitely! --Rob)

Rob is one of the few people who will put up with my style of participating in meetings by passively listening for an hour or two at which point I then chime in and suggest a completely difference course of action from what has been discussed to that point.

Rob lives in Stratford, PEI with his wife Robin. He has a blog and a corporate website.

Rob's Comments

Peter introduced me to blogging and hence has made a major change in my life. He also has had a largely unknown but significant effect on life in Charlotttetown. He helped get the Buzz started, City Cinema and ISN. By agreeing to move in with silverorange - he has helped the downtown revival begun at 84 Fitroy that now includes the Queen Street Commons. No small achievement!

Peter's Response

I didn't help get the Buzz or City Cinema started, alas (Peter Richards and Derek Martin deserve all of the credit for those projects), and my help with ISN's conception and birth was mostly technical and incidental (and in no small part out of self-interest: I wanted a friendly ISP!). I did agree to move in with silverorange, and I will take a little credit for helping make downtown Charlottetown a more fun place to work.