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I first came to know of Rob MacDonald almost 20 years ago when I saw him on stage, in the space now occupied by City Cinema that, at the time, was a small theater and home to Annekenstein, the hilarious send-up of all-things-Anne that Rob was a co-conspirator in with a bunch of very talented Islanders.

Rob is one of the ubiquitous figures of Charlottetown, someone that you are more-likely-than-not to run into on a street corner in downtown Charlottetown. That said, he and I have never actually had a conversation, mostly because, I think, we're both inherently shy. And because, for me, that would be like having a conversation with Jimmy Durante, and I wouldn't know what to say.

He is an enormously talented and prolific writer, actor, improvisor and impresario, responsible, directly or indirectly, for most of the comedic theater that's taken place in Charlottetown in the last 25 years.