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We've got a Motorola 6412 Eastlink DVR at home.

Problem Log

Remote Control Causes Endless Loop

When we first had the 6412 installed, pressing any of the channel up or down keys on the remote, or any of the "arrow" keys when navigating menus, would cause an "endless loop" to occur -- it was as if the given key on the remote was stuck down, even though it wasn't. As a result, for example, pressing "channel up" would cause the channels to cycle upwards endlessly.

Eastlink initially advised that this was likely a problem with the remote, but using a Motorola remote from an older digital box reproduced the problem. A subsequent call to Eastlink had them "zapping my box" remotely (it went off, then turned on about 2 minutes later), which fixed this problem.

Two weeks later the problem repeated, and a different Eastlink representative suggested that I simply unplug the box from the wall. I did this, and after "reboot" (the machine actually displays "boot" on the front panel), the problem was, indeed, solved.

The problem with both fixes is that all schedule information stored in the machine is lost, and this takes 2 or 3 hours to update itself. Any recordings made, however, and any series recording settings, appear to survive a reboot.

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