Making a Homebrew Blogging Tool coComment-compatible

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coComment is an interesting new tool to allow people making comments on disparate weblogs to track their comments in a central place.

At present, coComment supports a variety of blogging platforms (Blogger, TypePad, etc.), but doesn't provide documentation for hacking homebrew blogging tools to supports its bookmarklet. A little reverse-engineering of the coComment bookmarklet gave me enough information to make my own blog look enough like TypePad to work with the service. Here's what I did:

  1. Changed the id of the comment form to comment-form.
  2. Changed the name of the Name field to author.
  3. Confirmed that the name of the Email field was email.
  4. Changed the name of the Comment text field to text.
  5. Changed the name of the submit button to post.
  6. Added <link rel="start" href="" title="Home" /> to the head section of the page.
  7. Modified the title tag for the page so that it contained the blog name, followed by a colon, followed by the post title.