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When I first arrived on Prince Edward Island and started working with the burgeoning "Internet," people told me that there were two people I needed to talk to: Jamie Hill and Kevin O'Brien.

At the time Kevin was working at the Farm Centre for the PEI Federation of Agriculture on a project called Fan 2000, a project that was remarkably similar to the one I was working on at the PEI Crafts Council albeit focused on the needs of farmers not craftspeople.

Kevin and I started having lunch every now and again, often at the Noodle House, and we would talk about technology, the Internet, Prince Edward Island and how they all related.

Kevin went on after Fan 2000 to work for PEINet, and when he left PEINet he founded Island Services Network, an Internet Service Provider that's still here and thriving.

There's more to tell about my adventures with Kevin; I'll fill in the details when I get a chance.