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The Wlan Scanning module, aka "wlantools," is a module for S60 Python.

Here's what it returns when I run it in my office:

Python 2.2.2 (#0, Oct 11 2007, 20:32:16) [C] on symbian_s60
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
Type "commands" to see the commands available in this simple line editor.
>>> import wlantools
>>> wlantools.scan()
[{'Capability': 1025, 'BeaconInterval': 100, 'SecurityMode': 'Open', 'SSID': u'',
'BSSID': u'00:06:25:A2:D4:06', 'ConnectionMode': 'Infrastructure', 'InformationElements': 
{42: u'04', 221: u'001018010200', 50: u'0C121860', 47: u'04'}, 'SupportedRates': u'82848B962430486C', 
'Channel': 1, 'RxLevel': -110}, {'Capability': 1073, 'BeaconInterval': 100, 'SecurityMode': 'Wep', 
'SSID': u'groveair-g', 'BSSID': u'00:12:17:9E:C8:2C', 'ConnectionMode': 'Infrastructure', 
'InformationElements': {42: u'00', 221: u'0050F2020101000003A4000027A4000042435E0062322F00', 
50: u'1224606C', 7: u'555320010B1B'}, 'SupportedRates': u'82848B960C183048', 'Channel': 4, 
'RxLevel': -70}, {'Capability': 1041, 'BeaconInterval': 100, 'SecurityMode': 'WpaPsk', 
'SSID': u'Reinvented', 'BSSID': u'00:14:BF:8F:53:2D', 'ConnectionMode': 'Infrastructure', 
'InformationElements': {42: u'00', 221: u'0050F20101000050F20201000050F20201000050F2020000', 
50: u'0C121860', 47: u'00'}, 'SupportedRates': u'82848B962430486C', 'Channel': 6, 'RxLevel': -50}]

Using the documentation to parse this apart, I find three wifi access points in range:

SSID BSSID Channel Security Mode 00:06:25:A2:D4:06 1 Open
groveair-g 00:12:17:9E:C8:2C 4 WEP
Reinvented 00:14:BF:8F:53:2D 6 WPA