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Olle came up to me at reboot and said "Hey, you're Peter Rukavina." It was very odd to be recognized thousands of miles away from home. And by a Swede. We struck up a conversation that night that hasn't really ended yet, and are concocting all sorts of interesting projects together.

You can learn more about Olle on his weblog. OlleOlleOlle.dk is his new corporate webspace.

Olle and I are currently dabbling in Plazes hacking together.

Olle's take on the thing

I got to tell the Rukster a story on how I got to the conference. A great guy in Leeds, who happens to work with same tools as me, said in passing that this conference "looked ace". And, even with me not being a sharp card-player, I saw what he meant. List of speakers looked good, people seemed anxious to get to meet and talk. And Peter's personal and open story at the reboot wiki on how he came to decide on how to get to Copenhagen stayed with me. As do all good stories. And he had the nerve to post a picture of himself on the wiki. That's guts.

Anyway, the Leeds guy couldn't make it. Projects! Darn 'em. So I was alone as I locked my bike outside the "Poets' Inn" and strolled in. Lots of people, but one guy sat on a rock near the exit. He looked like someone I could talk to.

Then I face-ID'd him, and delivered my aforementioned opening line.

Now, this whole story seems like a load of crap, but... people are afraid of each other. Me too.

--olleolleolle 09:26, 19 Jun 2005 (ADT)