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I purchased a Geekphone Revolution in March of 2014. I was attracted to its ability to run both Firefox OS and Android.

While my intention was to run Firefox OS on the phone, I installed Android on it as a test, and ended up preferring it to the point where I left it installed.

The Geeksphone Revolution was generally a capable phone, but it suffered from several bugs:

  • on occasion the Android keyboard would not pop-up when filling in a text field (minor)
  • the removable storage, a micro-SD card inserted beside the SIM, would often become unmountable by Android and would need to be reformatted; I opened a case with Geeksphone and their only recourse was to have me return the phone, which I wasn't prepared to do, so I lived with this (major)
  • random lock-ups, resets, application freezes (occasionally annoying; might be a generally-known face of life with Android)
  • the camera app would stop working at the most inconvenient times (occasionally major)
  • intermittent issues with battery life and with charging.

Ultimately I stopped using the phone because, on September 3, 2014, despite having 50% charge and being plugged into power, it turned itself off and refused to turn back on, no matter what action I took. As I wasn't in a position to wait for a replacement device, I immediately set it aside and replaced it with a Motorola Moto G XT1034.