Charlottetown Transit Map

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The Charlottetown Transit Map is a PHP and JavaScript application that uses Google Maps to display up-to-the-minute information about the buses in Charlottetown. This is an unofficial project, not affiliated with the City of Charlottetown or the transit operator.

The Making Of

If you're interested in how I gathered the "raw data" for this application, read Making of the Charlottetown Transit Map.

Demonstration Page

There's a live working demo of the Charlottetown Transit Map at This demo will always be running the latest version of the code.

System Requirements

Browse the Source

You can use WebSVN to browse the source for this project.

Download the Source

The source code for the Charlottetown Transit Map is kept in a Subversion repository. You can check it out at:



Grab the Marker Images

The map uses marker images from the Google Ride Finder map. You can grab these and make local copies from here: red, yellow, green. Put the images in a web-accessible place; you'll set the directory name later as $imagedir.

Install the Source

Install the file you check out into a web-accesible directory, and then modify the source to set the following:

  • $mysql_host - host name of your MySQL server
  • $mysql_user - a MySQL user
  • $mysql_passwd - password for that MySQL user
  • $mysql_database - name of a MySQL database
  • $GoogleAPIKey - your Google Maps API Key
  • $imagedir - the base directory, web-accessible, where marker images are stored

Download the Route and Schedule Data

The route and schedule data -- information about intersections, routes, stops and schedule -- is kept four MySQL tables that you can grab a MySQL dump file for from the Subversion repository. You can check it out at:



Import the MySQL Data

Once you have the chtown-transit-mysql.sql file, you can simply:

mysql -u[user] -p[password] -h[hostname] [databasename] < chtown-transit-mysql.sql

Substitute your own user name, password, host name and database name. The result should be four MySQL tables: routes, stops, schedule and intersections.