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PlazesPHP is an experimental PHP class that provides methods for interacting with As it uses the new object model introduced with PHP version 5, PHP5 is a prerequisite.

Download Source Code

You can browse the source code from a browser, or grab the latest version of the source code using Subversion at:



Sample Usage

This example will connect to and retrieve a list of currently signed-on buddies as an array, and then dump the array.

require "Plazes.php";

$plaze = new Plazes('username','password','developerkey');

print_r ($plaze->mybuddies);

Need to know

This class depends on the following third-party Open Source libraries:

  • PHP XML-RPC for communicating with the Plazes server
  • Magpie RSS for extracting latitude/longitude information from the RSS feed for a single Plaze, and add that to a Buddy object

The following commandline tools are used, to determine your gateway and its MAC address:

Your PHP needs permission to run the exec() function.

Optional libraries, for developers of PlazesPHP:

  • The SimpleTest testing framework, for unit tests on the PlazesPHP classes.