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What is Open Bread? We will start a bakery. Do it using the same means as we'd have used if we wanted to start an open source programming project. We want to see if "open source principles and practices" have application in creating and managing non-digital projects.

Bread as in... bread?

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The output of this project will be a functioning community bakery for Charlottetown. The city has several bakeries now, but their products are uninspiring and generic, seemingly all made from the same "glop." As the downtown core recovers its residential past, a bakery will be a key component of making the community "livable."

Open as in Open Source?

Yes. We intend to publish our process of creation, so that anyone can do the same, for their neighborhood. Indeed it will be less like "publishing" than "planning, creating, discussing, doing" out in the open, exposed to public view and participation.

Why bread?

Taste. History. Community-building. Low-tech. Manageable.

Inspirations and Resources

Practical Steps

  • Olle has set up a Discussion Forum where we can more easily talk open bread.
  • Registered (not active yet)
  • Gathering information, setting the scope of the project. We need to make this more complicated than it seemed at first.