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Dave Moses and I incorporated Okeedokee Inc. in January of 1997. Dave was working with video -- making TV commercials, mostly -- and I was working with the web, and we had a vague feeling that if we worked together -- video + web -- we could create something interesting, something more than we were capable of on our own.

We hired two employees, Nick Grant and Lorrie Jollimore, and started taking on small web projects. We used a Mac-based webserver to host our sites, and Frontier as the development environment.

Our Big Project was the creation and maintenance of the Vacancy Information Service for the Tourism Industry Association of PEI. This service, which combined web and telephone interfaces, allowed tourist operators to update their vacancy information, and allowed visitors to search for vacancies. The service ran successfully from 1997 to 2003, answering millions of inquiries.

In the end, Dave and I realized that Okeedokee "couldn't manage itself" -- with our primary energies dedicated to our personal enterprises, Okeedokee suffered from inattention, and eventually we wound down the company.

We're still friends, which is the greatest victory of the project.