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Compass is the former name of the supper hour newscast on CBC Television in Prince Edward Island. When the newscast was shrunk to a half hour several years ago, it was renamed "The Compass portion of Canada Now" and soon thereafter all on-air references to Compass gave way to simply "Canada Now."

In January of 2006, the show was again renamed, this time to CBC News at Six in Prince Edward Island] leaving the second half-hour of national and international news with the old "Canada Now" name. Interestingly, when the news is preempted for some reason and airs at a time other than 6:00 p.m., the name is changed to simply "CBC News in Prince Edward Island."

It was announced on-air on November 30, 2006 that, in February 2007, the program would again be an hour long.

The news is presented by Bruce Rainnie, with weather (and local colour) from Kevin "Boomer" Gallant.

I am a member of a small but determined group of rebels who insist on keeping the Compass name alive. We even have T-shirts for sale if you'd like to join us.