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Here's a Skype transcript I had with Olle about this idea:

24/Jun/05 12:32 PM Peter Rukavina Latest idea:

24/Jun/05 12:33 PM Olle Jonsson Lovely!

24/Jun/05 12:42 PM Olle Jonsson Rights: you already have the called number recorded. Consent is a hard thing to make sure about.

24/Jun/05 12:42 PM Peter Rukavina I think the "under 13" or "under 18" problem would be the biggest one. I could add "press 2 if you are 13 or under."

24/Jun/05 12:43 PM Olle Jonsson True.

24/Jun/05 12:43 PM Peter Rukavina Or perhaps if I switched the location to the local art gallery, I could have some minor degree of "oversight". Although I like the outside 24/7 idea.

24/Jun/05 12:44 PM Olle Jonsson yes, that is powerful.

24/Jun/05 12:44 PM 24-7

24/Jun/05 12:45 PM call ANYwhere. call anywhere as long as you're looked at by art pros in an art-space. I'd go for #1.

24/Jun/05 12:45 PM Peter Rukavina Yah, so would I.

24/Jun/05 12:46 PM Olle Jonsson Just like I'd go for "VIP notifications" over "Join our news updates mailing list".