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Plabaztag is a little mashup written in PHP that makes your Nabaztag rabbit announce your new location every time your Plazes location changes. Plazes + Nabaztag = Plabaztag.

So when you arrive at work and Plazer launches, your rabbit back at home will say "Peter is now at Reinvented Office."

And when you go to lunch at Interlude, your rabbit will say "Peter is now at Interlude." You get the idea.

Download Source Code

You can browse the source code from a browser, or grab the latest version of the source code using Subversion at:



System Requirements

You need a Nabaztag rabbit to make this useful. Your rabbit needs to be set up and operational, and you need to be able to successfully send email to to be able to proceed any further.

On the server side you need PHP (PHP 4.x or later should work fine) and XML-RPC for PHP installed.

You also need a MySQL database server -- this is where your Plazes are logged (the script could be easily modified to allow this logged to happen with simple text files, however).


First, use the included plabaztag.sql to create a new table on your MySQL server.

Second, modify the settings file and enter your Plazes, MySQL and Nabaztag information.

Finally, set up the plabaztag.php script to run as a cron job every once in a while (say, every 5 minutes). You could make an entry like this in your crontab:

0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /my/script/path/plabaztag.php