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Trent Radio is a 'campus/community' radio station in Peterborough Ontario. Its call letters are CFFF. Its frequency is 92.7 FM. Trent Radio received its broadcast license in the early 1980s. In its mission statement it describes itself as 'producer oriented.' This is to contrast with most other media which are consumer oriented. That is, the main goal of the station is to make producing radio as accessible as possible to as many as possible while staying within CRTC guidelines for content. Programming is produced by volunteer (members) who may come from Trent University or the Peterborough area or from organizations in the community. Credit for this concept is owed mainly to John Muir and Joanna Rogers (and probably many others who were involved in getting TR on the air) as is the concept 'campus/community' which is now widely used. John Muir is also the current manager of Trent Radio. Interesting facts about Trent Radio: One of its telephone numbers is listed under the name Michel Foucault. Also, Trent Radio has a fake Music Department headed by a non-existent entity named Jean Reno. Peter Rukavina worked with Trent Radio for almost ten years starting in 1985. Peter met many people at Trent Radio: John Muir, Joanna Rogers, Theresa Huntley, Lisa Howard, Louis Fagan, Andrew Fogarasi among others. link title