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On the first day of classes at Trent University in 1985, I walked into a huge (by Trent standards) lecture hall for the first lecture in a course called something like Introduction to Computer Studies. The lecturer was a new professor, Stephen Regoczei. After his lecture was finished, I walked down to the stage and told him (so he claims), "this course is going to interfere with my education." His reaction was not to be put off by my petulance, but rather to invite me to his office to see if we could find something more interesting to do.

We did: Stephen hosted a "reading course" in "natural language understanding." This was really more a jumping off point that a set of subject matter, and we had a lot of interesting conversations that semester. I count it as among the most educational of my educational experiences.

Stephen and I have remained friends since.

Stephen came to speak at Zap Your PRAM in 2003.

He is currently blogless.