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5. The Acts 8 George V., Chapter 2 and 9-10 George V., Chapter 9 are hereby repealed.
5. The Acts 8 George V., Chapter 2 and 9-10 George V., Chapter 9 are hereby repealed.
==An Act to Amend The Time Uniformity Act==
==[[Media:Peiacts1956.pdf|An Act to Amend The Time Uniformity Act]]==
''Assented to March 29, 1969''
''Assented to March 29, 1969''

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I've long wondered whether there's a case to be made for a Prince Edward Island timezone file entry. We're America/Halifax right now, but if I can establish that historically our dates of adopting different standards (daylight time, for example) are different from Halifax, that would be all we'd need to become America/Charlottetown.


An Act Respecting the Provincial Statutes, 1939

Assented to March 27, 1939

6(m) a reference to time is to be deemed a reference to Atlantic Standard Time, (sixty degrees west longitude) being twelve minutes and twenty-nine seconds fast of the local time of the meridian which passes through the Provincial Clock on the law Courts Building in Charlottetown.

An Act to Province for Uniformity of Time Throughout the Province, 1947

Assented to April 25th, 1947

2. From and after the passing of this Act there shall be one standard unforim official time is use throughout the Province of Prince Edward Island.

3. Unless altered by Order-in-Countil as hereinafter provided, such official time shall be Standard Time as established by the Act 3 George VI., Chapter 23, being "The Interpretation Act".

4. The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council may by Order-in-Council institute to observance of Daylight Saving Time (so called) being one hour in advance of standard time, for such period of time during each year as may be deemed advisable; and when so instituted, such time shall be deemed the official time during the period so specified."

5. The Acts 8 George V., Chapter 2 and 9-10 George V., Chapter 9 are hereby repealed.

An Act to Amend The Time Uniformity Act

Assented to March 29, 1969

1. Section 1 of The Time Uniformity Act, R.S. P.E.I. 1951, Chapter 161, is repeated and the following substituted therefor:

"1. There shall be one uniform time in use throughout Prince Edward Island which shall be Atlantic Standard Time except as hereinafter provided."

2. The said Act is further amended by adding thereto the following as section 4:

"4. If the governing authority of any city, town or village declares any time effective within its corporate limits other than the time in force under this Act, the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council may withold from such corporation any per captia grands voted by the Legislature to such city, town or village."