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I am Peter Rukavina, and this is my Rukapedia. I started it because I needed a place to hold reference material that I could link to from my weblog.

For example, if I mention my laptop, I want a "write once, refer to many times" place that I can describe my laptop. Or if I mention a friend of mine, I want to be able to link to a page where I can describe them, talk about how we met, and so on. Think of this as my weblog's footnotes.

Because this is a Wiki (it uses the same MediaWiki software as the Wikipedia), not only can I edit the pages here, but you, the reader, can too. In theory, this should mean that the result is a rich and diverse collection of information from many different perspectives. I have no idea whether this will work or not.

So consider this a reference for all things Peter Rukavina.

Isn't it an enormously vain thing to have an encyclopedia all about yourself? Well, yes it is. But I crossed that bridge 500,000 words ago when I started my weblog. As soon as you start blogging, you're saying I matter. I think everyone should have their own -pedia, and I hope this experiment inspires others to follow suit.

If you want to keep up to date on what's happening here, and you've got an RSS reader, watch the the RSS feed for the Rukapedia.