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I am Peter Rukavina, and this is my Rukapedia. I started it because I needed a place to hold reference material that I could link to from my weblog.

For example, if I mention my laptop, I want a "write once, refer to many times" place that I can describe my laptop. Or if I mention a friend of mine, I want to be able to link to a page where I can describe them, talk about how we met, and so on. Think of this as my weblog's footnotes.

Because this is a Wiki (it uses the same MediaWiki software as the Wikipedia), not only can I edit the pages here, but you, the reader, can too. In theory, this should mean that the result is a rich and diverse collection of information from many different perspectives. I have no idea whether this will work or not.

So consider this a reference for all things Peter Rukavina.

Isn't it an enormously vain thing to have an encyclopedia all about yourself? Well, yes it is. But I crossed that bridge 500,000 words ago when I started by weblog. As soon as you start blogging, you're saying I matter. I think everyone should have their own -pedia, and I hope this experiment inspires others to follow suit.