Converting M4V file to DCP

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The Brackley Drive-in has a digital projection system that requires media files in the DCP format to project. This page outlines how I helped them convert animations from for things like "Show Starts in 4 Minutes" into DCP.

Save Animoto File

  1. Save the Animoto file as an M4V file (select Actions | Download and select the highest resolution you have access to).

Convert Audio

  1. Load the M4V file into Quicktime and select File | Export and then Audio Only to save the file as an M4A file.
  2. Load the M4A file into SoundStudio.
  3. Select Audio | Mixdown to Mono
  4. Select Audio | Sample Size | 24 bit to convert to 24 bit.
  5. Select File | Save As and save as a 24 bit WAV file.

Convert Video

  1. Load the M4V file into GraphicConverter, a Mac OS X graphics application.
  2. Save the M4V file as a series of TIFF images from inside GraphicConverter (File | Save As and then select TIFF and Export All Available Frames).
  3. The result is a folder filed with TIFF images.
  4. Download and install OpenDCP.
  5. Follow the instructions here.